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Can I apply for a loan before I find a property to purchase?

Yes, applying for a mortgage loan before you find a home may be the best thing you can do!  If you apply for your mortgage now, we’ll issue a pre-approval subject to finding the perfect home.  We’ll provide a pre-approval letter online instantly.  You can use the pre-approval letter to assure real estate brokers and sellers that you are a qualified buyer. The only cost to you is the credit report.

When you find the perfect home, call one of our Mortgage Loan Advisors to complete your application. You’ll have an opportunity to lock your rate then, and we’ll complete the processing of your request.

I'm nervous about providing personal information online. Is this site secure?

Information About Our Site Security

We use leading-edge technology to ensure that all customer information is 100% safe.  We protect our customers using a combination of security measures that are among the best in the e-commerce industry.

Firewall Security

We use leading firewall and network security technology to protect our internal computer systems from unauthorized access.  Our customers can be confident that their personal information is safe and private after applying.

What is buying down my rate?

You pay money to decrease your interest rate when you buy down your rate.  For example, if you want to lower your rate by one percentage point or maybe half a percentage point, the amount it will cost you can be calculated based on your loan amount and current market conditions.  Rates are subject to change at any time and can affect the amount you pay.  Contact a Mortgage Loan Advisor to give you the details and see if a rate buydown is right for you.

Tips for completing the online application.

Completing the application is easy.  You will probably know all the answers off the top of your head.  It should take about 20 minutes to provide the answers in the application.

The application is divided into sections.  Move through the sections by answering the questions and clicking the “Next” button.  You may notice that some questions may change, disappear, or cause a new question to appear.  We don’t want to waste your time by asking questions that do not pertain to your situation.  The application is intuitive and will ask what applies only to you.


If you have questions at any time, the contact information on the right side of the screen can connect you to a loan officer.  Feel free to reach out!

We look forward to working with you to secure your financial future.

What other costs are part of my mortgage?

Your monthly mortgage payment will include principal and interest, homeowners insurance, and property taxes if your mortgage payment includes escrow.  Depending on your down payment and loan type, you may also have to pay private mortgage insurance as part of your monthly mortgage payment.

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Thinking about buying a new home? BMN is here to help.

We believe that the borrower should be actively involved in the mortgage loan process every step of the way. From selecting the best loan product to understanding negotiating terms, Bankers Mortgage Network is here to assist.


Our Mortgage Loan Advisors have decades of combined experience in the banking and home loan industry.


Our local Loan Advisors not only know the area and the market, but we are invested in our community too.


Purchasing your first home or investment property? We offer mortgage loans for most every need.

You can apply online

After applying, a mortgage loan officer will contact you within 24 hours.

The Financing Process

Your journey to a home loan, whether you are refinancing or purchasing, can seem like a tedious process. It does not have to be this way. We use efficiency and technology to get you to the closing table quickly. The below workflow shows you the steps in the life cycle of your loan.

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Committed to assisting you in securing your financial future.

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We have a variety of mortgage products to meet your needs.

Our mortgage loan advisors are ready

to help you begin your journey to homeownership or to refinance an existing house.

The Life Cycle of Your Loan

The below workflow shows you the steps in the life cycle of your loan.

Mortgage Loan Advisor
The Mortgage Loan Advisor may complete or assist with the loan application, match you with the best loan product to meet your needs, and answer all your questions. Step 1 will include reviewing credit and the option to lock the interest rate.
The Processor will send you loan documents, including the Loan Estimate containing costs associated with the loan. The Processor will review the loan package for completeness and contact you for any missing documentation. Step 2 will include ordering the appraisal and title work.
The Underwriter will review the credit loan package for data integrity and compliance with loan guidelines. In this step, the appraisal and title work has not been received from the service providers for review.
The Processor receives the appraisal from the appraisal company and the title work from the attorney.
Final Underwrite
The Underwriter will review the appraisal and title work, issue final approval, and a clear-to-close.
The Closer will contact you, the Mortgage Loan Advisor, and the closing agent to schedule a closing.

Congratulations! You have completed the mortgage loan process and are ready to close your loan!


Mortgage Loan Products

We have a variety of mortgage products to meet your needs – whether you are looking to build or purchase a dream home or refinance an existing one.

Purchasing your first home or investment property?

We offer mortgage loans for most every need.

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